A brand-new vocal training app.


The personal vocal development app with theory & practice.

Start singing better. It’s free!

MyVo lets you work on 3 voice aspects:

  • Voice and hearing coordination
  • Efficient use of all parts of your vocal apparatus: tongue, voice box, throat, lungs
  • Breathing exercises to restore your mind-body balance

The educational program at the core of MyVo is based on the best vocal training methods. Achieve results by following these three steps:

  • 01Choose how much time you’re ready to spend on singing every day
  • 02Get a personal consecutive program that will progress with you
  • 03Finally, practice, practice, practice. Do a little bit every day when you have time and awaken your voice

The people behind it

We want to help people all over the world establish contact with their voice, an asset endowed by nature.

The MyVo app does it by combining body practices with professional vocal training.

Yuri Zverev
hustler, drummer, makes it happen

Denis Fileev
hacker, music lover, builds it for iOS

Valeria Dele
singer, teacher, vocal guru

Singing is an essential part of my life, almost as much as breathing, eating, and smiling.

I sing every day because I am a vocalist in the group DeeTree and a professional vocal coach. It's extremely important to me that my vocal teaching methods are effective. That's why I tailor the lessons to each of my student's voices and personalities. I transferred all the techniques and expertise I have into the MyVo app. I hope you'll enjoy your singing adventure.

Be one of the first 1,000 early users of MyVo

As an early user, you'll get access to:

  • a one-hour-long webinar "Vocal exercises, that will help you sing better instantly" (Valeria Dele, MyVo founder)
  • the main app functionality for free — singing practical lessons and theory.

Currently we are developing the iOS app only, so please make sure you provide your AppleID email.

To avoid our emails from getting to your "Promo" Gmail folder, please add hello@myvo.app to your Gmail contacts.

Thank you!